KS Body

FRP Truck Body

Main brand and product itself of us, KS Body, is a premium quality FRP(Fiber Reinforced Plastic) Body for Truck. From weight to strength, this body provides the best condition that you have been expecting. For those who want to advertise your company or restaurant through truck body, or would like to carry more cargo than before, KS Body is a product for you. With 20 over years of FRP Manufacturing experience, we are proud to present this high-end truck body to the market. We hope Logistics industry or any private businesses to succeed their goal by using this product.

Why KS Body?

Light Weight

This product is made out of Premium Glass Fiber Reinforced Plastic (GFRP) as base material. On average, FRP weighs around 5.5 times less than a similar piece of steel and is 75% lighter than a similar aluminum piece. This lightweight attribute can allow for easy installation too. KS Body will help you carry more and heavier cargo inside the body than before.

Strong & Hard

Will this body hold heavy cargos through bumpy roads? KS Body is not only light but strong and hard as well. FRP has a very high strength-to weight ratio as compared to other materials. For example, FRP has strength of steel in 1/4 weight. If you compare a piece of FRP with most Steel or Wood products in same weights, the FRP material comes to the top.

Rustless & Waterproof

Are you worried about corrosion? Are you worried about water leaking through corroded area? KS Body is the product for you. By using the right blend of the material, FRP can hold up in the most corrosive environments. So, if you need a product that is going to be exposed to rain or even salt water, KS Body is your material.

Easy Maintenance

KS Body is Virtually Maintenance Free. Aluminum Sheets or Steel Sheets tend to damage or deform very easily and requires high cost and time consuming reconditioning/ maintenance to get your product back. On the other hand, FRP does not require the above and could be REPAIRED PARTIALLY with LOW COST. KS Body is very durable and tough, but Maintenance Free at the same time.


-Body Repair Service

-Painting Service

-Maintenance Service

Thanks to the fact that FRP does not require overhaul or repurchase, and could be REPAIRED PARTIALLY with LOW COST when there is any damage. KS Body is very competitive in long term usage. When the body is used for long period of time, or experience accidents, it needs repairing or maintenance. Generally, it ends up re-purchasing a new body when there is major defect on the product, however, with KS Body, you are going to send them to our service center, and will be receiving perfectly repaired body back again by using our services.

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